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Valuation and Advisory firms trust Knowcraft Analytics to provide exceptional outsourced services. With a team of skilled valuation experts, we have successfully executed numerous engagements and have helped clients scale their businesses.

Financial Reporting Valuation

Having an accurate and credible valuation is vital for financial reporting purposes as valuations are increasingly being scrutinized by owners, boards, auditors, and regulatory bodies. We have the capability to provide end-to-end support, including scoping, project management and execution, and audit support.

The fair value standards and applications are constantly evolving and can be complex. Our team has experience across a wide spectrum of accounting standards under the US GAAP and IFRS, and follows best practices by staying up to date on industry developments and guidance issued by institutions such as the AICPA and the Appraisal Foundation. Our team of valuation professionals provides sophisticated and supportable valuations to comply with these requirements. We ensure an efficient valuation process that withstands the requisite audit and regulatory scrutiny.

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